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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

!..The Best Thing In Life..!

Singing as loud and abnoxiously as you ever could.
Pigging out and not being scared of how much weight you might gain.
Dancing like no one is watching.
Getting good morning texts. (:
Hanging out with your best friend in the most boring place and still having a blast.
Winning thumb wars XD
Getting unexpected kisses.
Swimming in a river with the bestest friends you could ever ask for. (:
Driving before you're legally old enough. (:
Pulling all nighterrs.
Getting a text and seeing the name of the boy/girl you like appear. (:
Getting in fights with your bestfriend but still being able to make up.
Falling in love.. And having that person love you back..
..edIted bY :: Ku nOrfAdhiLah..

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